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so 106 and park are making blue ivy hair jokes?

jokes towards a two year old for having black textured hair?

on a network called BLACK entertainment television?


BET is out to destroy black people

Y’all do know BET is owned by white people right?

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so everybody at afropunk was freaking gorgeous

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Gwen Stafani - Hollaback Girl

The anthem of our time.

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Does anyone else get scared when their text says, ‘can I ask you a question?’

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Art made from Wi-Fi Signals by Luis Hernan



"Man, this is a great comic. One of the best and most gritty when dealing with the subject matter. I’m gonna be bummed to see it go next issue. That said, this is a strong catalyst to the end. The twists and turns in this piece are a roller coaster of emotion. You will be nauseated by the time you finish the last page. So much great storytelling and atmosphere that we’ve come to expect from this series. Again, it blows my mind and breaks my heart that it is coming to an end."

The final two issues of Genius comes out this week. It all goes down here. War was declared. Allies become enemies. Rivals finally meet. And Destiny’s legendary rise in power comes to a head. You will come to learn how one teenage girl with the greatest military mind ever seen finally falls. 

You didn’t think it’d end with roses and parades, did you? 

But trust me. The final pages hit you like that. Didn’t see it coming to be honest, but it was great. 

Buy Genius #4 and #5 this week from Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, and Afua Richardson. Very timely book that has a pretty solid finale. 

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For all the ignorant black guys who “only fuck with Asian/Latina/White bitches.”

It’s always been us.The Montgomery Bus Boycott was Co-Opted from Black Women’s groups.Women made up the majority of The Panthers.Hamer, Nash, Doris, etc.It’s always been us. Sometimes in the front, sometimes side by side, but never in the back and never M.I.A.